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  • As the use of Social Media expands and booms at an increasing rate over the years, so does the hold Artificial Intelligence enjoys over it​

  • robots were meant to replicate the pattern of movement that a human would make while lifting, pulling, pressing, or pushing, designs were based upon the anatomical structure and movement of a human arm.

  • These were modified versions of the first patents for robotic arms filed over a decade earlier

  • many Socities ,the public sphere plays an increasingly important role in the devlopment of a new technology .In this debeat the role of the mass media is more often Subjectto polemics  then Empiricial analysis

  • There’s alignment between consumers’ frustrations and their predicted use cases for chatbots. Consumers want to be able to use chatbots to surface information and get answers quickly and easily.

  • And if a chatbot doesn’t have all the answers, consumers would like that chatbot to be able to connect them with a human

  • The use of drones for information collection in the journalism industry is still new. In the past, reporters would take aerial footage with helicopters, which are often rented and incur higher production costs. Drone technology allows journalists to take footage of news events such as volcanic eruptions, war-torn villages, and natural disasters. Because drones are operated remotely, journalists see it as safer and cost-efficient means of video recording, especially in highly vulnerable coverage

  • The extent to which these benefits have been realized is mixed and subject to debate.

  • In this monograph, we examine how digital technology might transform the content of journalism through augmented reality (AR).

  • we argue that journalism studies, and particularly research focused on automated journalism, has much to learn from Human-Machine Communication (HMC), an emerging conceptual framework and empirically grounded research domain that has formed in response to the growing number of technologies.

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