Singularity or Transcendence


Artificial Intelligence Singularity - 18 AI applications to consider in Fishing Industry using Internet of Things at Fish Processing Plants to improve the Economy Standards and Safety of Food Processing

Fish Stall

1. Classification of fish species

How to organize fish breed into suitable classes and identify their ethnic relation with each other?

In general, the classification of various fish species manually could be a tedious task and it is important for the consumer to buy the right species.
So, building an Artificial Intelligence model which could classify the fish type manually, would be the best possible solution literally. A CNN(Convolution Neural Network) model is being used through deep learning concepts, which can detect the fish and predict the type of fish in a diverse number of scenarios with ease. An input image is sent to the CNN model, which will classify the fish species.

Box of Fresh Fish

2. Automated Packaging and Unitization

How automated packing can improve the  productivity in the IOT processing plants?

Automated packaging equipment allows retailers and manufacturers to streamline the packing process, increase productivity and make the most of available labor Something as simple as putting products in mailers, sealing those mailers, and printing shipping labels over and over can quickly add up to a lot of wasted time


3. Fish Demand Forecasting

Why is it necessary to know which fish has more demand in the market?

Forecasting helps to inform how many units need to be ordered, preventing companies from spending money on inventory that won't sell. It is a powerful tool for businesses that are expanding into new territories with fluctuating demand.


4. Monitoring the import export demand of all types of fish.

The problem is to analyze the fish species being traded to different locations making location as the focal point.

The objective of the project is visualizing the data using Data Science and display the demand of various fishes being imported and exported using a timeline of various geographical locations across the globe, to understand and predict the economic impact on the Fishing Industry in Visakhapatnam

Fish on Hooks

5. Detecting the fish quality in the processing plant.

The problem is to analyze the fish quality, to check whether the fish brought to the processing plant are rotten.

The aim of this work is to ascertain with what accuracy can the prediction of Fish quality be detected using different Deep Learning algorithms, and Supervised Learning with the usage of RPA sensors.

Diver int he Reef

6. Fish Disease Detection

To analyze the diseases affected by fishes and predict how to prevent further spreading

The application aims at detecting the major reasons and displays the type of disease the fish are infected with. We can then have an opportunity to examine and prevent further spreading it to healthy fish in the other ocean territories at regular intervals of time so get more catch and revenue every year.


7. Order Tracking Chatbot

Providing a rapid solution for order tracking and feedback system.

Our model deals with the order tracking and feedback system. We provide the delivery status of the shipping items and we also take the customer feedback for improving the services.

Under Water School of Fish

8. Marine Life - Food Habitat Recognition System

Providing a rapid solution to acquire food details of a specific fish for future Research and Development.

Our model deals with the food details of the fish. We see many sites about fish data, but they won’t provide multiple details. So, we are coming with a solution for that. This model is used to give awareness on what kind of food does a specific fish rely on.

Fishing Boat

9. Border Detection System For Fisherman Using GPS and Arduino

What if the captain has approaching the border line and what are the guidelines that we are going to give to them?

We will be fixing a GPS tracker to the boat and will be able to see the exact location of the boat where it is going. If the boat is approaching towards the border that has been assigned to a certain state or country, then we will give an alarm or buzzer to the captain of the boat. We will be able to give an alarm or buzzer continuously till the boat come back from the border line

Round Fish Bowl

10. Data Analytics and Supply Chain Management in Fisheries

Finding out all the possible factors that influence the budget or expenditure of every member in the Supply Chain i.e Supplier, Manufacturer, Distributor, Retailer and Consumer.

Giving users the access to create new criteria under which they can add expenses using a Customized Customer Relationship Management Software.   
Searching over the internet for all possible areas where an expenditure can happen.

Fish Hooks

11. Tracking The Reasons For Extinction Of Fish Taking Preventive Measures using Fish Robot

The main objective of the project is to identify the  reasons of endangered fishes and to find the preventive measures

Using Big Data from all the Datasets of all other applications we will be able to do the necessary research and find the reasons for major extinctions of marine life. This further would result in developing more useful applications in the Fishing Industry.

Freshly Caught Fish

12. Fish Weight Prediction

To find the relationships among body Weight and Age Ratio of the Ocean life

To address this limitation, Multi Linear Regression analysis is more suitable as a statistical method for reducing a complex system of correlations into one of smaller dimensions through the extraction of a few unobservable latent variables.

Virtual Reality Goggles

13. Sensors in IOT Processing Plant

How to process food in the processing plant with minimal human intervention to improve quality and safe output?

Encoding dummy variables can be derived from such multi regression analysis which could be nearly uncorrelated or orthogonal. Correlation Check and Removing Outliers could therefore be used for prediction, thereby solving the problem of multicollinearity.

Fish flock

14. Security for MatsyAI

How to Prevent malicious intruders from accessing the Client website?

To protect the data from malicious intruders, we will provide security to the website by adding a login module to keep track of user data, to block or unblock based on their activity.
Our analytics page can track the live status like IP address, location, currently active or not. We will even block right-click so that we can provide integrity of our data

Father and Son

15. Fisheries Information System- Frontend

UI/UX to provide information about the applications provided by the service provider

(Artificial Design Intelligence) we will be able to instantly build a personalized website for all the applications, complete with custom text and images. In This webpage, we will project all the applications provided by the service provider

Powerful Computer

16. Back-end integration for fisheries information system

Integration of multiple applications in one platform

To integrate all applications, we collect the code and related data and deploy them in Heroku. Heroku is a cloud platform service supporting several programming languages.

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