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Our Project BAIM- Business Artificial Intelligence Machine

Our Project B-AIM- Business Artificial Intelligence Machine Obviously AI-Artificial Intelligence will be solving the World Problems

AI will be helping the IT sector to improve tech support and infrastructure management. Our AI can be used as to solve the world’s problem.

Our project BAIM will solve each and every problem like health, poverty, economic situation and so on,

Human beings are looking for much easier ways to reduce their work and have been very much interested on the AI’s now. Every time human species has been creative to reduce their job stress.

Robots are been a fantasy for many years but not today. Same is applicable on AI.

We are young and is most of them working to gain information, we learn which is right or wrong.

AI will cut our small tasks itself and will learn by itself.

Many jobs that AI will replace could be considered as boring, but for some people, that’s what they like. Some individuals enjoy a routine and knowing what their day looks like. By replacing these jobs with AI, you could be taking away not only their livelihood but a big part of their existence on this planet. Fewer positions for humans mean fewer jobs, which means a bigger strain on our global economy. Fewer people working could turn people to doing things they don’t want to have to do to survive, and with less money coming in, that means fewer funds to be put towards experiences, such as trips, following their passion or creating their own business. What are we going to get these people to do they will concentrate more upon the new innovations and travel space and now a days we think what is myths will all come true.

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