B-AIM Benefits of AI in future fitness AI gadgets and Natural oriented wearables

August 19, 2018


The AI gadgets and the Natural oriented wearable are required in these days to make everything easy. In these days the people are very much interested in using the fitness AI gadgets and Natural oriented wearable. All these are trending the technology to track everything in the daily life activities. The main AI gadgets that are used are the pedometers. They are smarter and gives accurate results.

The Natural oriented wearable devices are latest trend of technology. It is in the form of a hardware it performs the tracking and monitoring fitness as the distance walked or run, calories that are consumed. In some devices heart rate and the sleep tracking are made possible. Natural oriented wearable devices are tiny, the users can use in various parts of the body. They can be in the form of glasses, smart watches, wristbands.


Assistances of using the fitness AI gadgets and the Natural oriented wearable according to B-AIM should prove put in place the following attributes.


  • Experience without hands

The Natural oriented wearable and the AI gadgets are completely hand- free. There is no need to operate these AI gadgets with hands. With these we can easily track your fitness regularly. Holding something for a long time is difficult. As it is hands free it completely improves the overall experience.


  • Self- awareness

Having self-awareness plays a major role in developing technology. It is difficult to track our self the fitness activities like walking, how many hours of sleep you get each night. These fitness AI gadgets and the Natural oriented wearable completely provide the information of body functioning activity.


  • Motivation

To have a sustainable health you should be a motivator for yourself. The changes regarding your daily activities are made to update by yourself. No one is a competitor to you. You yourself should be a competitor. The self-competition itself gives the best results.


  • Improves the sleep

The main feature of using the AI gadgets and the Natural oriented wearable, are to detect how much, and what kind of sleep we get. The implementing of such a great thing could possibly lead to the beginning of a new era. Everyone should be thankful for this technology.





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