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Diwali phone design renaissance

Many of these new phones get around the notch by simply hiding the cameras and sensors in unusual ways.

The Chinese phone manufacturer Vivo, for example, released a phone called the Nex S with an impressive 91.24% screen-to-body ratio (for comparison, the iPhone X’s ratio is 82.9%). It did so through a simple trick: The selfie camera is contained into a module that pops up from the phone. Meanwhile, an under-the-display fingerprint recognition system works across the bottom half of the screen

Will all future smartphones be outfitted with springs and motors? It seems unlikely. After all, these solutions aren’t perfect. Ideally, there wouldn’t be any moving pieces, which tend to become breaking points.

Is the future fold-able?

If Samsung delivers on these big promises, its notch-less phone will arrive in 2019–but the company may show off another promising display technology that could transform smartphone design even sooner.Whatever form the smartphone of the future takes–and whether it conceals its sensors with motors, magnets, folding screens, or simply better under-screen technology–it’s safe to say that we’re steadily advancing toward the sci-fi vision of completely full-screen displays. Perhaps most tellingly, Apple itself is even working on ways to kill the notch. One day, we may look back on the notch as a short-lived design fad.


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