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Artificial Intelligence in Virtual Agents

A Virtual agent is nothing more than a computer agent or program capable of interacting with humans. The most common example for Virtual agent is Chat Bot. The chat bot not only understands the words also the intent, thanks to a portfolio of AI technologies, including machine learning and reasoning.

It acts like a guide. The chatbot also provides answers to any queries, even helping in decisions.

Virtual agents are currently being used for customer service and support and as smart home managers.

They are powered by a knowledge base, which includes an extensive list of possible different questions, responses and gestures, allowing the bot to react and respond to human input in a relatively human way.

Virtual agents are designed to provide customer services, product information, marketing, support, sales, order placing, reservations or other custom services.

Virtual agent can only provide information that has been “fed” to the AI system, and if the system contains bad data, customers will receive false information. This make the setup phase critical. If the system contains correct data, customer will receive correct information .This make an solution easily.

Benefits of using Virtual agents:

Fast and efficient response with no putting customer on holds or call drop

Answering questions 24/7, and not just during business hours.

Saves time

Reduce cost

Utilizes other staff better

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