India is the key focus of Siemens’ digitalization drive

June 19, 2019

(Studio, 2019)

Siemens is sharpening its focus on the IoT and Artificial Intelligence space, with India being a key market.

At the Siemens Innovation Day 2019, Dr. Roland Busch, COO & CTO, Siemens AG, emphasized: “Our unique IoT platform comprises an advanced technology stack, domain know-how and an inclusive ecosystem."

Also, as a major step in the direction of boosting innovation for India, Siemens is setting up an office in Bengaluru for Next47. The latter is an independent venture firm that connects Siemens customers with start-up innovations. At the event, Robert Hardt, Global Catalyst Lead, Next47, highlighted how Next47 will help drive the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in India.

Maximize the potential with digitalization

The Siemens Innovation Day is a thought leadership event where experts discuss how technologies such as AI, IoT, and Machine Learning impact businesses.

The second edition of Innovation Day India was held in Mumbai on May 27

Present on the occasion were experts from fields such as Smart Infrastructure, Digital Industries, Gas and Power, and Mobility, as well as technocrats & senior officials. They discussed how embracing digitalization can create value for both businesses and society.

Dr. Busch, for instance, spoke about MindSphere, an IoT operating system by Siemens that enables businesses to leverage data. It also gives them access to a large number of apps and a dynamic development platform as a service (PaaS).

Among the examples cited by Dr. Busch was the transformation of the Norwegian rail network into an IoT-enabled system. Once completed, this rail system will ensure greater safety, capacity, and punctuality. It is also one of Norway’s biggest digitalization projects.

Yet another example was of a smart city app being developed by Siemens that will support the Expo 2020 in Dubai. The app will not only boost visitor experience but will also contribute towards the reduction of energy and water usage.

The promises of AI and IoT

At the event, it was announced that over 4,000 Siemens IoT and data experts based in India will conceptualize, develop, and test digital business solutions for a variety of industries.

Bettina Rotermund, Head of Marketing & Sales Support, Siemens IoT Services, outlined numerous instances of Siemens setting up IoT-enabled infrastructure in healthcare, factories, and agriculture to ensure optimal functioning and growth.

Not just in IoT, Siemens has also been a global frontrunner in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Dr. Michael May, Head of the Technology Field Business Analytics & Monitoring, Siemens, talked about how Industrial AI is adding value to businesses.

Indeed, as revealed in a study conducted by PwC, 72% of business leaders using AI termed it as a huge business advantage. The participants also said that AI is going to be fundamental in the future. India ranks 3rd in research on AI, according to research agency Itihaasa.

Businesses in the country are increasingly undergoing digital transformation, having gauged the wide range of benefits associated with it.

Highlighting the same at the event, Sunil Mathur, MD and CEO, Siemens Limited, said, “We have been noticing a steady acceleration in interest and demand from customers for carrying out digitalization. IoT and Artificial Intelligence-enabled applications are the need of the hour, and we intend to work towards contributing to customers’ efforts to maximise the potential with digitalization through data insights."


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