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Emergence of public radio broadcasting with experimental station XWA, 1919

This milestone commemorates the invention and practical implementation of radiobroadcasting as a viable industry. The emergence of radio broadcasting out of a world of wireless telegraphy happened in an era of turmoil that went from about 1912 to 1920. For the concept of radiobroadcasting to finally be invented, understood and implemented, several innovators had to explore, break new ground and finally open a new path for others to follow. These early pioneering years are not always well documented, and some achievements accomplished at the same time in Europe and North America, but it is clear that Montreal and its XWA experimental station played a significant role in defining this new path and designing a brand new industry.

PDF : http://ieeemilestones.ethw.org/images/archive/0/0b/20200205145001%21IEEE_Milestone_Description_with_references.pdf

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