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The relentlessly growing threat of COVID-19 across the world, without being developed vaccine against the virus, is putting a massive strain on the global health system. In the time of crisis, tech companies around the world are working aside with healthcare, providing a wide range of innovative technology, from AI and big data to robotics and the cloud. Some companies are even developing AI-enabled detection cameras for mass screening that provide status reports and real-time updates of a person’s body temperature.

The AI Fever Detection Camera from IN Depth, for instance, helps in preventing the spread of viral diseases like COVID-19 by offering quick accurate detection of elevated body temperatures. The IN Depth Fever Detection Camera system leverages highly advanced artificial intelligence and scene analytics for real-time detection and assessments of elevated human body temperature. Employing a hybrid of both thermal imaging and visible sensors, the AI-powered system is an extremely potent tool for determining elevated human body temperature.

Able to unobtrusively scan at a safe distance of up to 30 individuals per second for seamless and extremely fast assessments, the IN Depth Fever Detection Camera system offers powerful image and scenario search inquiries, including gender, age, expression, glasses, moustache, mask or no mask, and more. The system supports most 3rd party scene analytics to facilitate much richer features or scenarios such as safe social distancing practices, cough/sneeze detection, and voice/face authentication for keyless entry or many more.

Besides IN Depth in the market of AI-powered detection camera systems, there are a large number of companies providing AI-based screening systems. For instance, Altoros, a software development company that provides products and services for the Cloud Foundry platform, offers a fever-screening tool to facilitate the prevention of the COVID-19 disease spread. The system, driven by artificial intelligence, effectively responds to high body temperature and sends immediate alerts to assist people. Unlike conventional thermal cameras, AI-powered fever screener by Altoros is able to detect people with fever efficiently, achieve high accuracy (±0.3°С/±0.6°F) of temperature screening, recognize targets and send immediate alerts automatically, recurrent temperature measurements of potentially infected people at specific time intervals, high measurement speed, up to 30 individuals screened simultaneously, and broad coverage area.

Singapore-based Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), the national HIT agency, has recently teamed up with local healthcare AI startup KroniKare to deploy iThermo, an AI-driven temperature screening solution that screens and identifies people having or showing symptoms of fever. The system is being piloted at IHiS headquarters in Serangoon North and St. Andrews Community Hospital (SACH).

Moreover, Agrex.ai, a video analytics company that assists organizations focused on data collection, derive operational intelligence, monitor compliance and automate visual surveillance, has developed an AI-enabled thermal camera to assist in early detection of COVID-19. The company’s thermal sensor-based detection system is able to scan people from a distance up to 20 meters.

One another company, Platinum CCTV, a provider of a full line of intelligently manufactured and innovative products to accommodate all manner of security camera installation needs, recently introduced its new version thermal body temperature sensing camera. The system that has been installed in businesses assists in scanning fevers of employees and customers. The system, named PT-BF5421-T Thermal/Visible IP Camera, represents the newest generation of AI thermal imaging, which is designed to sense for accurate body temperatures to ±0.54°F.

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