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Manufacture Sector-The Role of ChatBot in Industry 4.0- B-AIM Pick Selects

Industry 4.0 is a name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing. Industry 4.0 creates what has been called a “smart factory”.

Industry 4.0

Human Centered Automation

Automation encompasses not only simple, repetitive tasks, but also many sophisticated functionalities. However, even in systems in which automation has replaced functionality previously performed by humans, the human is still a central player. As automation becomes “smarter” and more ubiquitous, it is paramount that the human interact with the controlled systems in a safe and efficient way, to help prevent problems in human-automation interaction.

In the concept of Industry 4.0 human centered automation is one of milestones. The aim of Industry 4.0 isn’t to replace human with machine, is to create a new type of interaction between capability of machines and flexibity of human.

Human Robot Co-operation

In order to provide human centered automation, an effective interface should be created. This interface will play real time connector role between human, sensors, robots and big data. According to our approach, the ChatBot is the best candidate for the interface we defined.

ChatBot: A new role

ChatBots for Industry 4.0

The future of work will likely be a hybrid that involves both human and machine intelligence working in conjunction toward the same shared goals. But the question is how we cansatisfy the synergy for human centered automation. ChatBots are conversational agents can be assistants of engineers in the factory. And those chatbot assistants use the data gained from sensors to guide the engineers.

When you start talk to your robots and sensors, human decisions start to play more important role in the production. Engineers can use their experience more efficiently with the support of ChatBot assistants.

Why ChatBots?

  • Easy to use

  • Realtime interaction with IoT and Robots

  • Question — Answer structure

  • Omnichannel Experience in different chat platforms

  • Workflow based management

  • Natural communication with “things”

  • Continious improvement

  • Personnel relation with engineers

  • The best interface for AI

The Position of ChatBot

You need Data

The ChatBot will talk to engineers about daily workflows, technical problems and work related topics. All questions asked by the engineer and responses of the engineer will help to create valuable data to predict human centered patterns for the production.

You can collect IoT data, ERP data. However, you need data created by human and ChatBot will be an innovative solution to collect these data.

Management Should Focuse on Productivity

A manager shouldn’t work on micro problems and repetitive workflows. A chatbot can handle those problems without disturbing managers. Hence, the main target of ChatBots are to manage repetitve tasks and support production teams with related information.

All data flow should be a smooth part of engineering experience. If an engineer want to learn a detail, he/she should just ask to the ChatBot. Futhermore, if ChatBot doesn’t know the answer, it will learn the answer and improve its capabilities. So, continious improvement of the ChatBot will add more value to the process.


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