HUMAN RESOURCES- While Many Companies Are Laying off Employees, Raleigh-Based Software Company Persistence AI Is Hiring Hundreds for Its New Product- B-AIM PICK SELECTS

September 28, 2020

Persistence AI Recently Launched Its Product, Agent, and With Persistence AI Rapidly Onboarding New Clients for the Service, the Company Is Hiring Hundreds for Remote Work.

Persistence AI is rapidly growing by hiring and training hundreds of people with the launch of its newest product, Agent. The product provides clients with virtual call center services that work in tandem with their sales and marketing teams. With three clients using Agent, and an additional 11 in the process of onboarding, Persistence AI is increasing its hiring efforts. People hired on to Agent will supplement the clients’ sales teams by performing screening tasks, and instead of chasing and qualifying leads, clients can prioritize closing deals. Employees with any background can learn sales and grow while working at home. In addition to its regular recruiting, Persistence AI is collaborating with workforce nonprofits and service organizations to hire.

CEO and founder Ed Holloway intended to launch the Agent product in 18-24 months, based on the company’s roadmap but accelerated the release to create job opportunities. Ed Holloway said, “We’ve had a high demand from our customers to provide these services to help augment their existing contact centers and sales teams. With COVID-19, we realized now is the time. We want to help provide work for anyone displaced due to COVID-19. We’re also hearing from a lot of applicants who have realized over the past several months that working from home is a real option for them.”

With over 350 applicants, 95% of those who interviewed for Agent discussed looking for ways to work from home amid coronavirus while 75% wanted work to supplement their full-time jobs. Meanwhile, some face recurring challenges finding work. One applicant said, “Being a military spouse, it’s always been hard holding down careers when we have to move every couple years. I’m looking for a way to have a consistent job, where I can build off of my extensive sales experience.” Agent adapts to both its clients’ demands and employees’ unique job needs.




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