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Mass Communication-Blockchain’s Social Media Platform Howdoo Has Today Issued An End Of Year Summary

David Brierley, CEO, states: “We have launched our Beta platform on IOS, Android and desktop for testing and to critical acclaim, attracting leading tech firms and celebrated artists, streamers and bloggers as Launch Supporters while surpassing the competition both in registrations and in functionality.

In a volatile and shrunken crypto market, Howdoo has led the way in developing and beta launching one of the blockchain’s greatest hopes of bringing cryptocurrency and the blockchain to the masses. We are on track to deliver our Roadmap.”

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Platform registrations and Launch Supporters

Pre-registrations of user names and sign ups has exceeded 44,000 with a global footprint that provides a strong user base for the Beta Phase and positions Howdoo as a challenger to Mithril and Steemit as the blockchain’s most used social platform.

Premium tech and communication brands IBM, HP and Mitel have been secured as launch supporters to add to the entertainment partners such as Sinitta, East 17 and international DJ Sam Withers.

Howdoo has positioned itself as serious contender in the game streaming arena with partners including influencer marketing firm Chrome Management and gamers MoeTV and Kristina Djukic encouraging a squad of contemporary and popular streamers to move to Howdoo as their chosen platform provider.

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The Howdoo Beta was launched on Desktop and Android on December 27th and on the Apple App Store on January 10th. Early adopter feedback has been positive regarding UX and functionality.

Utility of the Udoo

The continuing utility of the Udoo token has been helped by listing on markets ExMarkets, Coinbene and Exrates. A key objective in 2019 is the introduction of a user-friendly wallet to facilitate mass adoption.


Howdoo has emerged as 44% of Americans aged 18-29 have deleted Facebook, founders of Whatsapp and Instagram abandon their creations and platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Patreon deplatform and censor users. Many genres are clearly looking for an alternative to the established players.

What is Howdoo

Howdoo is the decentralized social media and messaging platform for the next generation, bringing together the best of the rest and returning control back to users and content creators. Howdoo inspires more rewarding, trusted and value-driven social engagement for creators, users and advertisers.

Howdoo is the social media platform that values you, respects your creativity and rewards you.

Watch this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5vxRC8dMvs

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