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FINTECH-Fast 50: Innovation, cutting-edge tools help drive these firms' quick growth-B-AIM PICK

Being on the cutting-edge of business is key for companies throughout Central Florida — and the firms who provide those technology products and services seeing revenue rise as those needs grow.

Tech industry businesses that made Orlando Business Journal's 2020 Fast 50 — the annual list of fastest-growing privately held companies — racked up a combined $119 million-plus in 2019 revenue, based on OBJ research. These companies reported revenue growth from 2017-2019 ranging from about 34% to 126%, OBJ research showed.

Read below for more information submitted by some of the technology category companies on the 2020 Fast 50, listed in alphabetical order. Note: Not all companies on the list responded to requests for information beyond what was provided for The List.

Further, be sure to check out OBJ's Sept. 25, 2020, weekly edition for more on the region's largest privately held companies.

Concepta Inc.

Orlando-based Concepta focuses on creating innovative solutions for real-world business problems. Its experience with forward-thinking clients and leading talent has made its employees experts in creating innovative software solutions across many industries. Its services cover a broad range of enterprise needs by creating robust mobile and web applications, and business automation. Its international portfolio includes Fortune 500 and Franchise 500 companies, and it has built multiple top 20 apps on both iTunes and Google Play.

Here's more from co-CEO Leo Farias and his brother/co-CEO, Humberto Farias, who both were OBJ 40 Under 40 honorees in 2016 and 2018, respectively:

Key accomplishments in the past 12 months:

Humberto: Substantial growth of revenue, sales pipeline and profitability. Growth of 50% in revenue from services. Newly launched product sales pipeline increased by more than 1,000%, surpassing $15 million. Participated in three M&A [mergers and acquisitions] transactions and/or acquisition with nearly $20 million in total valuation. Expanded operations into fintech and further into health and sciences. Avid expansion into the virtual space.

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Leonardo: The Covid-19 outbreak put our problem-solving skills to the test as we started to see complete market shifts in a few weeks. During these difficult times, we saw the real difference between clients and partners. More than ever, we started to have significant and open conversations with them. This trust and collaboration allowed us and our clients to thrive during these past few months. As we advance, we want to work with real partners more than ever. This is a clear lesson which we will apply to every relationship from now on.

What’s been the biggest driver of your fast growth?

Humberto: Being well-positioned across multiple high-demand sectors. Innovation and disruption married to high-demand are a formula for growth.

What personal sacrifices have you made to achieve this growth?

Leonardo: I am fortunate enough to truly love what I do. Because of that, sacrifices do not always feel as such. However, I believe 2020 has put many things into perspective. The past couple of years have required a lot of focus and time to ensure we could achieve this growth. This time and attention must not come [at the expense of] even more important things like friends and family. I plan to continue to work on that.

What are your future plans?

Humberto: Continue to pursue our global expansion and solve complex problems to improve the lives of people across the globe.

What was the most exciting thing to happen at your company in the past year?

Leonardo: Concepta launched proprietary development processes that pave the way for 30% more efficient development, cutting go-to-market time and improving high-quality deliverables. The company implemented a modern project management platform that quickly was embraced by the whole organization. This allowed us to standardize processes for software and mobile app development and document scalable processes, which substantially improved our productivity.

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