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HUMAN RESOURCES- Top 5 Benefits of deploying Chatbots in Human Resources

When was the last time you’ve had to assess employee performance and go through appraisals manually? Or resolve all the queries your employees raised? Must have been quite some time given the advent of chatbots and conversational AI.

Over the last two years, conversational AI in Human Resources has truly given professionals the means to utilize their time on the more strategic and pressing elements while spending less time on operational issues.

Studies show that chatbots could save up to $8 billion year after year by 2022. This is a huge uptick from the $20 million that employers are expected to save in 2017–2018.

Conversational AI in HR is emerging these days because of the benefits it provides for the development of the organization. Here’s how -

Saved time and increased efficiency

Automating the processes increases the productivity of the HR team and also makes the work hassle-free. Chatbots in Human Resources provide a helping hand to better manage their tasks and improve productivity.

Quick & Accurate Response

Your employees don’t have to spend their time trying to get in touch with their reporting manager or someone from the HR department. If they have a question, they can directly talk to the bot using text/speech through their mobile devices whenever they need an answer. And now, with Natural Language Generation, chatbots can come up with relevant answers on the fly. Bots in the Human Resources department have access and can sort through the database of a specific employee’s information much faster than a human on the other end.

Onboarding a New Employee

Picture this. Your company is hiring aggressively, and the onboarding process for each new employee is pretty much the same. This is also applied to the training processes for new employees that share the same department. These processes can easily be automated and streamlined using chatbots in Human Resources as they’re not only time-consuming but also taxing for the HR department.


Chatbots in Human Resources are helping in making the application process more transparent. If applicants have questions about job descriptions, company details or potential responsibilities, they can simply ask the bot and are good to go. Pre-Interview screening of a candidate is a good example where chatbots collect some of the details from the candidate and make an HR executive’s work way lot easier.

Sentiment Analysis

The bot can ask employees a series of short, simple questions over a period of days or weeks. This essentially replaces the old traditional norm of feedback forms while giving the HR department actionable insight so as to make important decisions pertaining to processes or regulations.

Additionally, with natural language processing and the continuous training, the bots can also evaluate, measure and understand employee sentiment accurately. This way, quick decisions can be taken to circumvent small issues before they become big.

In order to assist organizations in finding, hiring and managing new and existing talent, WotNot’s service offerings in HR go beyond just recruitment and pre-screening. WotNot’s chatbot in Human Resources offers conversational AI capabilities that extend from benefits, onboarding, performance management as well as compliances.

Here’s how it works -

WotNot Enables you to focus on what matters to you:

  1. Easy to customize bot No technical expertise required. Modify the conversation flow of the chatbot from Google Sheets directly. You can change the question and sequence of the flow as and when you need easily.

  2. Real-time tracking of the live conversation between the bot and user Data of the user interactions are stored in a Google Sheets, so that you can view the data in real-time and act accordingly.

  3. Multi-language support Chatbots can solve your organization problems in multiple languages round the clock. This provides a unique experience to the employee working in the organization coming from different places.

  4. Conversational, helpful & accurate A data-driven bot that learns the questions employees frequently ask. It enables you to spot trends, deal with issues well in advance, and make monthly reporting far more easy.

  5. 24/7 Support Think of it as an unremitting virtual robot committed to delivering a proactive conversational experience from the get-go. Round the clock.

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