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In the HR industry, chatbots have completely changed the approach to interacting with candidates. Hours of correspondence have now been reduced to a few seconds. Let’s consider 10 reasons why chatbots are the new trend in recruitment.

Since then till now the concept of chatbots has been developing its functional capabilities. Thus, now it is used by many people in the business. In recruitment, it can communicate with potential applicants for a vacant job position and provide all the needed information for job seekers. Chatbots can work 24/7, which means that every candidate will receive a response immediately. Everyone needs writing assistance sooner or later, if you are interested, you can ask for help at EssayShark where our professional content, research and essay writers can give you a hand to deal with any paperwork. Let’s figure out ten main reasons why chatbots are the new trend in HR, as in recruitment they allow you to:

1. Improve the candidates experience. The experience of a candidate will be better when chatbots will be the first to respond to the applicant’s question. Thus, the time between the submission of the application and response from a recruiter is significantly reduced. It increases the chance of a candidate to take the offer.

2. Choose who fits the best. Chatbots work according to the established rules and are customized to create a carefully planned step-by-step conversation. They can accurately select a candidate who perfectly fits the requirements. Thus, among a large number of candidates chatbot can help to choose the best one without any doubts or hesitations.

3. Reduce the human factor. When providing exact answers to the questions, chatbots help to reduce possible discrimination, which can arise during the face-to-face conversation, especially when the conversation takes place in a tense atmosphere.

4. Create a productive conversation. Chatbots help to save time on answering the same questions of all the candidates. Thus, chatbots provide enough information for more productive conversations between the recruiter and the applicant when the candidate knows the majority of facts, which are necessary for his or her future position.

5. Qualify and judge without biases. Chatbots are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates by asking direct questions concerning the applicant’s skills, qualifications, or past experience. In such a way, chatbots help to screen out candidates in terms of previously established criteria. Such filtering saves time and effort for recruiters.

6. Erase the emotional component. This factor can be perceived as similar to the previous one. Sometimes, recruiters chose the applicant because of feeling somewhat sympathetic to him or her due to some personal qualities instead of judging according to the skills and experience. With the help of chatbots, the recruiter will continue communication with the applicant who deserves the position which is offered. As it was underlined by James Osborne, the author of The Recruitment Network, “Chatbots are designed to take over the repetitive tasks and leave the recruiter with the qualified candidates.”

7. Help those who are shy. For some people, it is difficult to start a conversation face-to-face. In such a way, it will be convenient for them to start speaking with the bot.

8. Ensure that the applicant will be heard. Communication with chatbots increases the chances of being accurately reviewed. According to the statistic, “Only 2% of applicants will be called for an interview for the average job opening”. Mainly, it’s biased and based on your appearance, name or race, not skills or experience. Thus, after the communication with chatbots, the applicant gets higher chances to receive the position, because their applications won’t be left ignored and unheard.

9. Save your time. Chatbots know the schedule of human recruiters and can appoint an interview with them for the last stage of recruitment. The process of recruitment is costly and requires time. Somen Mondal in the TalentCulture underlined that the “average cost of hire is $4,129, and the average time to hire is 42 days.” But the cooperation with recruitment chatbots significantly reduces these numbers, which is beneficial both for the candidates and recruiters.

10. Respond to the majority of questions. The development of artificial intelligence will help to understand and respond to various messages. Soon, it will be able to respond to any algorithm of the question, including different phrasal expressions.

As can be seen, the use of chatbots in recruitment is a new trend. But it is necessary to understand that this idea is new and still cannot replace human recruitment at the final stage. However, the number of benefits of using chatbots in recruitment cannot be denied.

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