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Manufacture-Leveraging AI industrial robots in manufacturing- B-AIM Pick Selects

The AI robotics market was valued at USD 2.84 billion and is expected to have a CAGR of 28.78% between 2017 and 2023. The manufacturing sector is leveraging the possibilities of growth with technologies like AI and ML. AI industrial robotics technology is seeing a wide application in the manufacturing sector for improving productivity and flexibility of standard industrial robots. Industrial automation has already transformed the manufacturing process, and AI-enabled robots are improving on automation’s impact with more efficient and seamless processes.

Benefits of AI industrial robotics technology

The implementation of AI industrial robotics technology offers a plethora of benefits in the manufacturing sector. The following are some of the advantages of incorporating robotics in the manufacturing

Automatic control

Technology has reached a stage where it has made it easier for us to control huge, complicated operations with the help of just a touch. AI-enabled robots provide for a complete automated process forgoing any human intervention. Artificially intelligent machines are designed to respond automatically to emergent situations. They make accurate decisions when compared to humans. AI industrial robotics technology is based on algorithms that automate decision making at the manufacturing plants. These algorithms improve over time as the machine constantly learns ways of handling the process better. Safety mishaps are also minimized significantly as the system shuts down automatically if the robots detect any malfunction in operation.

Demand-based production

While implementing AI-enabled robotics, every stage in the manufacturing process is monitored by sensors. The production is managed depending on the demand and capacity and can be varied accordingly. Sensors provide data to AI-based software and production is managed based on the result of the software’s analysis. This helps prevent losses incurred in case of over as well as under-production. Thus, the demand and supply can be balanced efficiently using AI-industrial robotics.

Increased productivity

The use of AI-based robots makes fault detection and resolution procedure easier. Proper maintenance of machines helps save time and eventually increases the production of the process. With AI industrial robotics technology, robots can monitor their own accuracy and performance. The robots signal when maintenance is required to avoid expensive downtime. Thus, human resources, too, are saved significantly.


The implementation of AI industrial robotics helps manufacture products with precision and maintain consistency. Robots can work continuously without fatigue and can operate in dangerous environments. They help in lowering the labor and inventory cost while providing rapid response to changes in design. Thus, the value of output can be increased significantly with AI-enabled industrial robots.

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