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We assist primary and secondary educational institutions to take their students’ learning environment to the next level by providing specialized 3D printing in schools.

Every day, 3D printing assists students of all ages to develop intuition, creativity and critical thinking skills. Particularly in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, students are using 3D modeling to enhance all the skills necessary to become productive members of society.

Only just recently, a high school in Chicago used 3D printing to develop prosthetic hands to people who cannot afford them. Students in Kentucky also used 3D printing to build a wheelchair for a dog with no front legs. Closer to home, primary school kids at a regional school in Port Augusta, South Australia used 3D modeling to create pencil toppers and models of Aboriginal Dreamtime stories.

Zeal 3D Printing can help your school create similar experiences, providing your students with high-quality 3D printing technology and giving them a new and exciting way of learning.

Why use 3D printing in education?

The learning experience online and in digital media is becoming a significant priority for the classroom.

The technology of 3D printing can be introduced in a variety of subjects ranging from mathematics and geometry to chemistry and history.

Through his learning experience, students not only do they gain knowledge about the new technologies but can also understanding other theoretical concepts which can be demonstrated practically through 3D printing technology.

Getting students involved

Sometimes students are reluctant to get thoroughly involved in STEM subjects as they see it to be boring, dull or otherwise disengaging.

3D printing turns that completely on its head and provides an exciting way to motivate students.

Students become inventors

3D printing technology allows for students to become inventors. Rather than buying or using somebody else’s creations, students learn to invent something themselves.

There are some fascinating stories of inspiring kids that have used this technology to make a better world. Three kids in America used 3D printing to invent:

· A prosthetic arm that shoots glitter;

· A fidget toy for people who struggle with ADHD; and

· A system to deliver supplies to people trapped in burning buildings (including an emergency masked pod).

Turning students into artists

3D printing also moves away from the traditional STEM method of teaching education. The technology brings art back, and students can become designers. Not only that, they can become creative thinkers.

Scientists and mathematicians don’t have to stay away from art and design in order to be good at their work. 3D printing proves that.

Furthermore, the modeling process helps teach kids spatial reasoning, including conversions from 2D to 3D.

Students become practical, not just theoretical

Scientists, mathematicians, and experts in new technology do not have to spend all their time in a book. Nowadays, everything can be a hands-on learning experience with online 3D printing.

If your students are learning geography, use 3D printing to build a mountain or a volcano. If they are learning about history, perhaps you could print an Ancient Egyptian pyramid, the Roman colosseum or even Stone Henge.

Subjects become careers

The research demonstrates that, after school, more and more students do not pursue STEM subjects. This can significantly change with the use of 3D printing. We’ve seen that 3D technology inspires students all across the world, allowing them to understand a complex issue in simple ways.

This will encourage students to take up further STEM learning after they complete school, and potentially even develop a career in the field.

Zeal 3D Printing in Melbourne: Your Local 3D Printing Service in Victoria

Zeal 3D Printing can help with all of the above. We can help you bring benefits to both your students and your teachers, allowing them the opportunity to get creative and take their learning experience to the next level.

We use proven 3D printing technologies such as Polyjet, selective laser sintering and stereolithography. That way, we ensure your final product is of the highest quality.

These technologies can take you and your students’ ideas and bring them to life. Feel free to contact us today to arrange an appointment, so we can discuss the future of your students’ education.

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