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November 4, 2020

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in companies is already here to stay, especially in the technology ones.

For instance, in our company, Cegid A Meta4 Company, AI is increasingly being incorporated into our Talent and Payroll Management solutions, with the purpose of supporting the capability to analyse and manage employee data in organizations. AI has the ability to group all that data and make a large volume of information available to different areas (data inference and payroll calculation, process robotization, talent management procedures, etc.).

These are new algorithms that enable you to understand the full meaning of the information stored in the system or even in a document (e.g. a CV). Ultimately these analytical tools look for repetitive patterns in large amounts of structured information quickly and reliably—such as employee profiles, achievement levels for objectives, competencies and skills, and more—in order to identify the best career paths, the most suitable training actions, the candidates most likely to succeed in the organization, among others.

Bringing AI into the HR field therefore implies that organizations stand to gain great benefits in all sectors by boosting productivity in their people management processes and in turn, the company itself.

Moreover, for such solutions there is a real need: to make any HR director’s dream become true and get the sizing of the workforce right, select the right candidates, make the best professionals available to their business at the right time, and deliver an employee experience that facilitates talent retention and boosts employer appeal. To achieve this and even more, if possible, when we talk about people, the highest level of uncertainty, it becomes necessary to activate predictive mechanisms in different areas: preferences, rotation, absenteeism, results, diversity, and inclusion, etc.

Our solutions for Payroll and HR management make it possible to generate and manage huge volumes of current and historical information, providing the basis for these predictive mechanisms: employees, hire periods, performance and skills levels, payslip and receivables histories, professional history, training received, terminations, and more. All this information represents an almost unlimited source of knowledge, so when it’s applied to HR it must enable us to succeed in our organization by bringing out the best performance of each of our professionals and immediately creating an impact business outcomes.

Thus, our main goal in this new scenario is to accompany our customers while exploring these new data reservoirs in pursuit of insights and to add value to the functionality offered by our solution. 



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