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A Whole New World

The industry is ever evolving with music, films, gaming, OTT media gaining momentum. The role of a conversational chatbot is of manifold importance. Chatbot Examples include music chatbots that help in creating and maintaining playlist as per the audience preferences, online gaming bots, virtual assistant bots who help engage audiences and drive revenue for the digital entertainment mediums.

Chatbots have driven the Media and entertainment industry by being able to deliver personalized content, new media opportunities and increase the effectiveness of communication on any platform in this age of the millennials viewership across digital channels have increased , there are different genres, time slots, and these are also available on the web via connected devices. Chatbots help audiences get proper knowledge of the information that they are seeking. A weather bot, the gaming bot, bots like Alexa and Google Home, the slack bots are all examples of chatbot in the media & entertainment industry

Chatbots can help complete tasks and get things done, and get them done faster than with other channels.

Chatbots can help improve overall campaign performance by leaps and bounds, with one campaign achieving a 98% open rate and 12 times higher click-through rate. – Hubspot

What Value Does Chatbots deliver to the Media & Entertainment Industry


Chatbots are examples of how personalized content can be broadcasted to a huge database globally. This improves the entertainment experiences.

Greater Audience Base

Bots’ easy integration with social media platforms results in better click-through rates and engagement. Companies can also use the bots to communicate with their audience at scale.

Hassle Free Browsing

When you converse with a bot, it helps you fetch information easily without much navigation on the website, or app to get content. Users can converse with the chatbot and get all the queries answered.

Responsive Alerts

Chatbots can speculate and understand the usage and user behavior, based on which they can send alerts on weather, news, give recommendation on shows, movies, and event updates

Customer Service

The recent survey shows that 96% of respondents consider customer service the key to building brand loyalty, and 48% of them are looking for personalized treatment.

If entertainment companies and platforms providing OTT content have chatbots to assist as agents in customer service, they can provide solutions on the go - like news updates, entertainment blogs, music, and video streaming, gaming websites, etc. This enhances the customer experience and results in greater business ROI.

To Sum Up

The future of the Media and Entertainment industry is strong and chatbots will play a major role. They have the potential of significantly reducing costs, managing investments in more fruitful channels, improving customer experience, and attracting new clients.

Watch this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5vxRC8dMvs

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