Upon successful validation with Natural Law's Compliance our VIDEO BOT KALI has been deployed on the internet to create its own Virtual ECC(Ecommerce Centered Connection) on October 8th, 2019. Ever since; successful internet traffic changes have been monitored in the sectors mentioned below



The Future of Innovation

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3D Manufacturing Printer

Human Resources

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Mass Communication

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key questions our AI models attempt to answer?

 Statistic report to check how “THE WORLD” ’s economy is controlling your online trade?

Is Artificial Intelligence the best viable solution for the selected problem?

Will “THE WORLD” approve the approach of such business modeling?


AI Skeleton

What Framework methodology we intend to use?

  1. Case studies- A case study on an online trader Business Model to check the approach of the proposed business model.

  2. Questionnaires- Critical review on “THE WORLD” regulations controlling the economy

  3. Observation- data upon installation of the proposed system for subject client

  4. Previous research- Supervised Artificial Intelligence.

  5. Official statistics- “THE WORLD” s foreign exchange

  6. Government reports- reports related to global business

  7. Web information- we need it for collecting reviews, facts, etc.


Disruptive Artificial Intelligence

● Artificial Intelligence plays a major role in future science and technology, hence the business model selected should be linked with artificial intelligence to ensure system flexibility with time.

● Applying skills of Project management helps plays a major role in achieving Natural Law deliverables.

Key success factors


Primary data:

● Focus groups interview

● Data mining from the results upon installation of the proposed system.

● The rate of change in the amount of tax paid by the client to “THE WORLD”

Secondary data:

● Statistics from the internet related to tax, currency exchange rate, and study-related information.

● Suggestions and recommendations from books related to Artificial intelligence, Graph theory, supply chain, and project management

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